Good enough is not good enough!!

Empowerment has a passion for providing the very best enabling support for the people we serve. It is essential that we constantly strive to improve, to do things better and change when we need to. Increasingly this drive for improvement has to come from people with lived experience, who for me are the real experts we should be listening to.

Accountability is the key to driving these changes forward. I am very fortunate to be accountable to our Board of Trustees who are unfailingly supportive but are also constructively critical when they need to be. At our most recent Board meeting they set me seven key objectives to achieve during 2018. They are ambitious but absolutely right:

  1. Our Staff: To implement the key recommendations drawn from our Annual Staff Survey to ensure that everyone working for Empowerment has a great experience.
  2. User Led: To realise our original vision that Empowerment develops an active membership so that they play a pivotal role in shaping and developing all that we do!
  3. Empowerment Base: that our fantastic building in Bispham becomes a vibrant hub of activity seven days a week including evenings and weekends
  4. Business Development– That we continue to grow and thrive as a ‘Fylde Coast Charity’, driven only by a commitment to meet unmet need and in keeping with our charitable objects
  5. Quality- That we work towards achieving independent quality assurance awards for the three strands of our work going forward.
  6. Partnership– We build upon and develop close working relationships with 3-4 like- minded charities which share our values and commitment to providing great services for people with lived experience.
  7. Personal Development:- The Chief Executive expends time and resources on his own personal development!!

The people who are going through tough times who need our services deserve the very best… It is my personal commitment to ensure we achieve this! Just being good enough is not good enough… we have to be the best we can be!

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