Keeping Track: Your Toolkit

Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of every phone call, e-mail, or meeting you have with health and social care professionals. Often it can be very important to remember what has been said and agreed, and to know who is helping you with your care.

You might need to remember when you have had meetings or telephone calls in case there are any misunderstandings or disputes between what people have said.

Here you can find some tools which can help you keep your records in order.

  • Key Contacts List
    Keep a list of who is involved in your care and support, and how to contact them. This could include your GP, Social Worker, Mental Health Professional or Advocate. You could include any other key people in your life, such as your family, neighbours or carers.
  • Appointment Form
    Record any appointments or meetings you may have, including any action to be taken after the meeting. You can also write down what you want from the appointment, to bring this up in the meeting.
  • Contact Diary
    Record any phone calls you have; who you spoke to and when, and what was said. You can also make a note of anything that has been agreed in that telephone conversation.

Click here to download the Key Contacts List
Click here to download the Appointment Form
Click here to download the Contact Diary